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Hail all in the name of H.I.M, His Imperial Majesty, Lord Jah, Kings of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah

This website is a dedication to those who have walked the path of Rastafari before I and I, and praised by Jah those evil forces of Babylon will fall from their seat and all will be free.

On this website I and I will give a introduction into the world of Rastafari, the beliefs, the Lord, and the oath to wage war against Babylon. Peace is our weapon againsr the evil forces, the Most I love peace, but always be militant.

Please read through and search these pages as much or as little as you wish, by at least seeing the words contained herein perhaps then Jah will have put the spark of the light of freedom in your minds. Praise be he that has given us such a world, though it be made tough by Babylon, we all will always be around for the will of the Most I. Below if you wish to sign my guestbook, leave comments, criticisms, or other ideas please do so. Jah be blessed!

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