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The Keeper of the Outpost

This is a brief description of my way on Rasta and how I became aware of it.

Rasta is not in itself a organized religion, though, it is legally considered one, thus being able to form actual congregations, etc. Rasta is paradoxal movement; paradoxal to the outsiders. It involves peace, and positivity promoting all good vibes and good will toward all people and the unification of all those people into one. We are all one people. But, Rasta also involves the militancy against the oppresors which are called Babylon. Many things are Babylon; mainly the world the white race has made for us out of years of slavery, slaughter, and assimulation. Babylon preaches the greatness of such men as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, etc. But, what they were really doing were killing, raping, robbing, and pillaging. All societal and racial and prejudice injustices in the world are caused by Babylon, the high-up powerful white men that keep other groups and people down, such as women, hispanics, blacks, jews, muslims, and etc. The evil forces of that high power seek to criticize, discredit, and destroy all other groups with different beleifs, because they are unfamilliar and Babylon is frightened of the power of Jah!
I say let the peace come down upon the world, let us all come together and feel alright. I know peace shall not come soon, but I am willing to give it a chance today, and when it does we all will feel alright.
Burn, Babylon, Burn! The Most I put I around, and by the force of the Lord I am still 'round to fight and love. Praised be The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings!

I was always aware of Rasta, though, not until recently by engulfing myself in the music of it's ways did I begin to heed the call and see the light. Jah always be inside I, but now I see the light and I be the son of the Iaman, the son of the Rastaman.